March 1 Update

(So sorry this is late!)

March 1: ten months of walking Cambridge!

I’ve now walked 823 streets out of 850 (up from 757 on 2/1), which is 97% of Cambridge (up from 90% on 2/1).

The breakdown:

— 98% of 02138 (93% on Feb 1)

— 98% of 02139 (90% on Feb 1)

— 93% of 02140 (76% on Feb 1)

— Still 100%* of 02141

— Still 100%* of 02142

*Close enough, thanks to some construction.

Wow, I am so close!!! This month’s walks were easy to identify and plan since there are so few left. I liked the idea of wrapping up one zip code at a time, but my remaining walks happen to span multiple zip codes, so the last three will be finished kind of all at once.

This month, I contacted the press about the project. I realized I should have done that months ago to have followers all along! I also contacted Cambridge City Council to invite them to walk the final stretch with me, an invitation I planned last summer, so early in the process. That will happen sometime in March! I’m so excited for that walk, the celebration, and seeing the framed map on my wall, but I am absolutely not ready to end this project.

I could write more, but I’m aware that the article just dropped and I’m eager to read it! Check it out!!

What’s left is:

-The Agassiz walk and the Neighborhood Nine walk (which I’ll likely do together)

-The Oops “walk” in which I drive around, double park, and walk tiny stretches I missed

-The Grand Finale in Central Square!

I can’t believe that’s it!


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