Number of streets walked: 860 (out of 860)

Number of walks: 103

Progress: 100%

Last updated: 3/20/21

Sophie Strollin’ Streetblocks

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March 1 Update

(So sorry this is late!) March 1: ten months of walking Cambridge! I’ve now walked 823 streets out of 850 (up from 757 on 2/1), which is 97% of Cambridge (up from 90% on 2/1). The breakdown: — 98% of 02138 (93% on Feb 1) — 98% of 02139 (90% on Feb 1) — 93%…

The Home Stretch

After nine months of long walks, short walks, blue marker, and Instagram posts, I have walked 93% of Cambridge. It’s strange to think that I’ll be done soon and will have to use different criteria to plan my recreational walks! I did the NW Cambridge walk that I saved to do with a friend who…

February 1 Update

February 1: nine months of walking Cambridge! I’ve now walked 757 streets out of 844 (up from 701 on 12/1), which is 90% of Cambridge (up from 82% on 12/1). The breakdown: — 93% of 02138 (81% on Dec 1) — 90% of 02139 (87% on Dec 1) — 76% of 02140 (63% on Dec…

December 1 Update

December 1: seven months of walking Cambridge! Once the school year started, it became harder to walk frequently, resulting in only 13 walks in September, October, and November combined. I’ve now walked 701 streets out of 858 (up from 517 on 9/1), which is a solid 82% of Cambridge (up from 60% on 9/1). The…

September 1 Update

September 1: “three months” (two months and three random weeks) of walking Cambridge! This “month’s” data combines the first two weeks of July and the last week of August, since I left town in the middle. I’ve now walked 517 streets out of 861 (up from 343 on 7/1), which is a solid 60%. The…

July 1 Update

July 1: two months of walking Cambridge! I’ve now walked 343* streets out of 859, which is about 40%. (Note, expand pics for all the glory!) The breakdown:– 30% of 02138 (3% on June 1)– 64% of 02139 (44% on June 1)– 2% of 02140 (0% on June 1)– 83% of 02141 (55% on June…

Rules and Routines

Here are some of the self-imposed rules that I established for consistency’s sake, anecdotally annotated. 1. No walking after dark. I established this rule after a walk in early July that took place mostly after the sun set. The point of this is to look around and admire gardens, architecture, pets, Cambridge bunnies, decor, etc.…

June 1 Update

May 1 to June 1: one month of tracking my walks. I’ve at least started: — 3% of 02138– 44% of 02139– 0% of 02140– 55% of 02141– 21% of 02142 Percentage = streets touched/total streets in each zip. It’s been a fun challenge to cover new territory and a delight to discover quaint side…

Quantitative Methods

I’m not sure why I named this post after the dreaded statistics class that all Psych majors at my college had to take, but it’s as good a name as any for my post about numbers. In addition to drawing on the map when I return home from a walk, I update my super amazing…


I started out with one low-tech tracking solution and ended up with another one. Rather than spending hours of research to find a mapping app where I could automatically or manually track my progress, I started with a simple screenshot of Google Maps. After returning home from a walk, I used the Markup feature to…

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One thought on “Home

  1. My husband and I are doing this too! We even use blue highlight (on a different base map) and MapMyWalk app. We think we are about five walks from completion. Want to compare notes?


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