March 1 Update

(So sorry this is late!) March 1: ten months of walking Cambridge! I’ve now walked 823 streets out of 850 (up from 757 on 2/1), which is 97% of Cambridge (up from 90% on 2/1). The breakdown: — 98% of 02138 (93% on Feb 1) — 98% of 02139 (90% on Feb 1) — 93%Continue reading “March 1 Update”


Rules and Routines

Here are some of the self-imposed rules that I established for consistency’s sake, anecdotally annotated. 1. No walking after dark. I established this rule after a walk in early July that took place mostly after the sun set. The point of this is to look around and admire gardens, architecture, pets, Cambridge bunnies, decor, etc.Continue reading “Rules and Routines”