July 1 Update

July 1: two months of walking Cambridge! I’ve now walked 343* streets out of 859, which is about 40%. (Note, expand pics for all the glory!)

The breakdown:
— 30% of 02138 (3% on June 1)
— 64% of 02139 (44% on June 1)
— 2% of 02140 (0% on June 1)
— 83% of 02141 (55% on June 1)
— 62% of 02142 (21% on June 1)

My records were getting confusing, since my territory exceeded one marked-up screenshot, so I switched to a paper map! This one was a gift from Paul and Charlo. Crazy how much East Cambridge has changed! I’m going to have to draw on some of my remaining streets.

*May’s percentages were generous because I counted both complete streets and partial streets as one. For June, partial streets count as 0.5. So the total street count is higher, since 343 includes many half-point partial streets.

Cambridge’s changing streets are a fun mystery! No two paper or electronic maps or lists agree on the streets. So I can submit an accurate list to the City of Cambridge when this is done!

Thanks for the company, those who have come along!


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