February 1 Update

February 1: nine months of walking Cambridge!

I’ve now walked 757 streets out of 844 (up from 701 on 12/1), which is 90% of Cambridge (up from 82% on 12/1).

The breakdown:

— 93% of 02138 (81% on Dec 1)

— 90% of 02139 (87% on Dec 1)

— 76% of 02140 (63% on Dec 1)

— Still 100%* of 02141

— Still 100%* of 02142

*Close enough, thanks to some construction.

These changes are just from six walks in January, since I was away for most of December, but I wanted to do one more update before finishing.

This month I also did an “audit” of my list to remove outstanding streets that no longer existed. This reduced the total number of streets by about 15 which helped my percentages!

I am definitely inching towards the finish line, and with the upcoming February vacation bet I can finish before the anniversary of lockdown!

There’s also something poetic about finishing as I get ready to (most likely) end my time as a Cambridge resident. Just as I was getting to know my way around! We’ll call this a send-off.

The other exciting piece of news is that I’m finally launching my blog about this, Sophie Strollin’ Streetblocks! (See what I did there?) Read even more about this project at https://walkingcambridge.com/ ! (Haha if you’re reading this here you’re already here!)

See the data yourself here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLyfb9AaUE8QDsRtnSll0Bs5_XPCVv0FqxMCMKgsEww/edit#gid=0


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