September 1 Update

September 1: “three months” (two months and three random weeks) of walking Cambridge! This “month’s” data combines the first two weeks of July and the last week of August, since I left town in the middle.

I’ve now walked 517 streets out of 861 (up from 343 on 7/1), which is a solid 60%.

The breakdown:
— 50% of 02138 (3% on June 1, 30% on July 1)
— 78% of 02139 (44% on June 1, 64% on July 1)
— 28% of 02140 (0% on June 1, 2% on July 1)
— 100%* of 02141 (55% on June 1, 83% on July 1)
— 100%* of 02142 (21% on June 1, 62% on July 1)

*Close enough, thanks to some construction.

Leaving town was a huge disruption to my project, of course, but it left me super motivated for the second half! This month featured more adventures in the Western half of Cambridge. I also finished East Cambridge, including having to draw in the most NE streets since they weren’t even on the map!

You can see how the map has aged due to excessive folding/carrying and a run-in with my leaky water bottle!

I hope you like this project, because I’m about to launch a blog about it! And if you’re wondering, I definitely didn’t loiter near Elizabeth Warren’s house until her husband and dog showed up and I asked him where a tiny street was…


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